What is ChargeNow?

ChargeNow is powered by ChargePoint®, the world's most advanced and easy-to-use electric vehicle (EV) charging network. ChargeNow connects BMW i drivers with ChargePoint charging stations, located at thousands of places where BMW i drivers work, shop, eat and play. Using the ChargeNow card, BMW i owners can easily access member stations, and payment is simple, with one monthly statement for all associated charges.

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How do I activate my ChargeNow cards?

To activate your cards go to My Account and select Manage ChargeNow Cards. Make sure you have your ChargeNow cards on hand to enter their serial numbers and select save.

What can I do with a ChargeNow card?

Using your ChargeNow card to access a charging station informs the ChargePoint network that it is your car charging and allows you to quickly access a station, unlock the holster, and start your charging session. Your ChargeNow card also automatically syncs with your ChargeNow account balance to cover costs at paid stations, making it easier to charge anytime and drive happier.

Why won't the charging station read my ChargeNow card?

Make sure you're holding the card over the smart card reader symbol, and wait a second or two for it to read the card. The smart card reader symbol is shown here:

What happens if I forget my ChargeNow card?

If you arrive at a ChargePoint station without your ChargeNow card, you can always call the toll free customer service number on the station to get access to the station. You can also start a session by using the ChargePoint mobile app.

What if I lose my ChargeNow card or need new cards?

You can order additional ChargeNow cards for $4.95 a card, just go to My Account, select Manage ChargeNow Cards, and then click Get ChargeNow Cards. If you lose your card, you should de-activate the lost card on the ChargeNow Cards page by selecting the "x" (delete) button.

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How much does it cost to use a ChargePoint station?

ChargePoint stations are independently owned and operated by organizations such as major corporations, retailers, hotels, restaurants, parking services providers, cities, counties, and utilities. Each organization sets its own price to use their stations. You can see the price to use a specific station on our mobile app by viewing the indicated rates on the station details page, or click a charge spot on our online map and view pricing in the station details pop up. The price also scrolls across the charging station's display

How do I pay for charging?

ChargePoint operates on a credit system. The first time you use a ChargePoint station with a fee, you'll need to enter payment information. We'll charge you $10, keep that as a balance on your account and deduct your charging costs from it. Every time your balance goes below $5 we'll add another $10 using the payment method on file. (If you charge your EV a lot, we'll bring your balance up to your average monthly charging total instead of $10.)

If you only use free stations, we'll never charge your card. If you cancel your account, we'll refund the remainder of your balance. To update or remove your payment information anytime, go to Financial Information (web) or My Profile (mobile) under My Account.

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What are the Community Guidelines?

We allow users to contribute tips which other users depend on to find a place to charge. Here are some rules you should follow that will help you enjoy our Driver Tips feature.

  • There's no need for inappropriate content: threats, harassment, lewdness, and hate speech.
  • Please make sure your tips are relevant and accurate.
  • Do not spam! People don't like spam so please don't do it.
  • Respect copyright. If you're not submitting information that you created yourself or that you haven't obtained the rights to use, don't submit it.

We reserve the right to suspend Driver Tip privileges at any time if Community Guidelines are not followed.

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What kind of notifications can I sign up for?

You can sign up to receive notifications via text message and/or email, simply click My Account and scroll down to Notifications. You can sign up to be notified immediately when any of these conditions occur:

  • When your car is fully charged
  • When your car is no longer charging due to an interruption
  • When the power to your car is reduced or restored
  • Station closing and reservation reminders

I just got an alert that says 'Your vehicle is drawing very little power and may be fully charged'. What does it mean?

If you sign up to receive notifications for "When your car is fully charged", it will be sent whenever your vehicle begins to draw very little power for at least 15 minutes. While this often indicates your vehicle is fully charged, the J1772 connector does not provide a means for the vehicle to inform the charging station when it is fully charged. In addition, not all vehicles behave the same way when they become fully charged. Some draw a very low 'maintenance' charge (on the order of a few watts), others cease charging altogether, and others go so far as to send a 'vehicle disconnected' signal to the charging station (which will trigger a 'Plug Out' notification). Further complicating matters is that the vehicle may draw very little (or no) power for other reasons, for example, the battery may be overheating while charging or the vehicle may be set for 'delayed charging' and is waiting until evening when the electricity rates are cheaper.

Many of you have asked to be notified whenever your vehicle is drawing very low power for a significant period of time, since you will often know precisely why your vehicle is behaving in this manner. For example, receiving this notification may remind you to disable the 'delayed charging' feature when plugging your vehicle into a public charging station. We welcome your feedback on this feature. Please send any feedback to chargenow@chargepoint.com

How are my greenhouse gas savings computed?

We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates in a formula that derives the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions you've prevented, based on how much you've charged your EV, which is a measure of how many miles you've driven on electricity instead of gasoline. Here are the estimates we use in our calculation:

  • Driving an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle emits 8.8 kg CO2 per gallon. [1].
  • The United States passenger car average fuel efficiency for ICE vehicles is 23.9 mi/gal (mpg) [2].
  • An electric vehicle has an average efficiency of3.0 mi/kWh. . [Note: This is our estimate based on data for several types of electric vehicles.]
  • The United States average for emissions from generating electricity to fuel electric vehicles, is 1.55548 lbs CO2/kWh [4].
  • CO2 is 95% of GHG emissions [5]

Combining these numbers, we get (19.4 × 3.0 / 23.9 – 1.55548) ÷ 95% = 0.9260 lbs/kWh = 0.42 kg/kWh of GHG Savings.

How are my gasoline savings computed?

We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates in a formula that derives the gasoline savings from how much you've charged your EV, which is a measure of how many miles you've driven on electricity instead of gasoline. Here are the estimates we use in our calculation:

  • The United States passenger car average fuel efficiency for ICE vehicles is 23.9 mi/gal (mpg) [1].
  • An electric vehicle has an average efficiency of3.0 mi/kWh. . [Note: This is our estimate based on data for several types of electric vehicles.]

Combining these numbers, we get 3.0 / 23.9 = 0.1255 gallons/kWh of Gasoline Savings

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How do I find a ChargePoint charging station?

  • Download the BMW i Remote app to find available public charging stations, check their availability, and send their locations directly to your BMW i.
  • Use the onboard BMW i navigation via the BMW ConnectedDrive services, to find public stations from your BMW i vehicle.
  • You can also locate member stations using the ChargeNow online map, which displays which stations are in use, available or allow reservations.
  • Log in to the ChargePoint app with your ChargeNow account login information, to access your account via a mobile device.

What do the colors mean on the dashboard map of charging stations?

Many stations have more than one connector. If a connector is available, the station is shown as green. If the station is fully occupied, it is shown as blue. If the station status is temporarily unavailable, it is shown as gray. If the station is not on our network and we don't have access to its status, it is shown as gray.

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Can I reserve a time slot in advance?

A charging station can take reservations if the station owner chooses to set it up that way. When you click on a station on the dashboard map, if the station is reservable you will see a calendar icon in the station pop-up window that appears.

How do I reserve a station?

You must be logged into your account to reserve a station. If the station is reservable, simply click on Reserve Now in the station's pop-up window and then book the time that you would like to start and end your session.

How much does it cost to reserve a station?

Each organization sets its own price if any to charge at their stations. But there is no extra cost to reserve a station if that feature is available.

What if I don't actually use the station during my reserved time?

You will be charged for your reservation even if you do not use the station. Please be sure to cancel any reservations 24 hours prior to it starting to avoid being charged. In Reports, you can see all your upcoming reservations, and can cancel them there. You can also set up a notification to remind you 30 minutes before your reservation start time so you don't forget you've made a reservation.

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I am ready to charge at a station, how do I start a session?

The easiest way to access a ChargePoint station is with a ChargeNow card. You simply hold your ChargeNow card over the smart card symbol below. The station checks that you are authorized to use the station. Once authorized, the holster unlocks so you can plug the connector into your car. You can also start a session using the ChargePoint app or by calling the customer service number on the station.

How do I end a charging session?

When you get back to your car, just tap your ChargeNow card on the smart card reader symbol on the station below. The message on the display will instruct you to unplug the connector from your car, and put it back in the holster.

What is a port?

Each car connects to a charging station using a port on the charging station. If a station is listed as having two ports, it allows two cars to plug in.

What are the different port types: Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast?

  • Level 1 A Level 1 port is a grounded receptacle that you plug into, using your own cord.
  • Level 2 The most common type of port on non-residential stations is an attached cable with a J1772 connector, also referred to as a Level 2 port.
  • DC Fast Refers to Direct Current 'fast charging'. To achieve very short charging times, DC Fast ports supply very high voltages at very high currents.

When you click on a charging station on your dashboard map, information about each port is listed in the pop-up window. The information lists, in this order: the voltage, the amperage, the connector, and whether the port is currently in use or available. So a Level 2 port may be listed as: 208/240V, 30A, J1772: Available.

Can I plug any standard 120V charging cord into a Level 1 charging outlet?

The newer stations are equipped with J1772 connectors on cables that are physically attached to the station. Some older stations are equipped with Level 1 charging outlets which are found behind a locked door on the station. The Level 1 outlets require that you plug in your own cord. You can use any standard, grounded cord with an opaque plug that is rated for 15A. Outdoor-rated, bright orange charging cords with opaque connectors are recommended. Cords with clear plastic plugs - ones through which you can see the wires and contacts - are not supported. For safety reasons ungrounded plugs with only two contactors are also not supported. The charging station will only energize the outlet if it detects that a plug has been firmly seated into the outlet and that the door is closed and locked.

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How do I contact customer assistance about my account?

Our drivers receive 24/7 customer support by calling 1-888-758-4389 or emailing chargenow@chargepoint.com.

Can I cancel my ChargeNow account?

You can cancel your ChargeNow account at any time. Just email your request to chargenow@chargepoint.com with your account number, name, phone number, and the email address on your account. Any remaining account balance will be refunded to the credit card in your account.

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