Access the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network

As a ChargeNow member, you get all the benefits of joining the ChargePoint network, so you can easily charge your BMW eDrive or BMW i vehicle the next time you're out and about.

Here's how it works:

1Create a ChargeNow account and activate your cards.  Sign up to create your ChargeNow account and request 2 complimentary cards (eDrive owners) or activate the ChargeNow cards included with your BMW i vehicle. Once your account is created and your cards are activated, you can easily access stations on the go whenever you’d like. You can also order new cards or manage your cards—simply log in, go to My Account and Manage ChargeNow Cards.

2Link a credit card to your ChargeNow account. If you need to access a paid station, we make it easy to sync your credit card when you create your ChargeNow account. Then, the first time you charge your car at a station that requires payment, a $10 deposit will be charged to your credit card. Whenever a fee is required for charging, it will be deducted from your ChargeNow deposit balance. When your deposit balance runs low, it will automatically be replenished by charging your credit card the equivalent amount of three month's average use or $10, whichever is greater.

3Find a participating public charging station.

  • Download My BMW Remote app (BMW eDrive owners), or the BMW i Remote app to find available public charging stations, check their availability, and send their locations directly to your vehicle.
  • Use the onboard navigation via the BMW ConnectedDrive services, to find public stations from your BMW eDrive or BMW i vehicle.
  • You can also locate member stations using the ChargeNow online map, which displays which stations are in use, available or allow reservations.
  • Or, log in to the ChargePoint app with your ChargeNow account login information, to access your account via a mobile device.

4Plug in and charge. To charge at a participating public charging station, just tap your ChargeNow card over the reader symbol, press the handle button to remove the charging connector, and plug in. After you've finished charging, tap your card to end the session, then unplug the connector and return it to the station. Alternatively, you can start a session with the ChargePoint app or by calling the customer support line on the station.

5Track your charging activity. Once you log in to your Dashboard, visit My Stats to see how much gas and greenhouse emissions you've avoided, and track your energy use. Or, go to My Account and Monthly Statement to review any paid station fees as well as deposits to your account balance.


Call us for a quick, helpful answer. We take care of BMW drivers 24 hours a day for charging session support and ChargeNow account assistance.

North America Toll Free Customer Support: 1-888-758-4389 (24 hours)